Been having a lot of internet outages lately, wonder what little rascal is messing with the wires. :ATHF_Carl:

I originally wanted to draw everything traditional ,but my understanding of perspctive on paper and using digital tools are on a whole different level.

I've always wanted to learn how to do those action lines that are used in eromanga, it really gives life to a still image expressing movement.

Quick question: Is there a catalog available for all types of clothing, including sexual? Been wanting to mix and match.

I feel quite bad for a lot of the things I've done in the past. I can only look forward to a better future. I hope that anyone I've wronged can forgive me :fink:

I appreciate all the suggestions. I'll be able to post by 21st. :anidab_left:

Man hotdiggedydemon is a fucking legend, surprised I didn't know about him a few years ago.

IF you love a show, draw porn of it.
IF you hate a show, draw porn of it.

I will invest in getting an actual camera with stand and some lights. Could barely move my hand with hand without something falling.

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