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Lost the last post talking about this so redo. I don't mind folks uploading muh art to r34/boorus/etc. as long as you stop tagging my artist tag and sourcing back to me. :ATHF_Shake: It's not that hard man infact even easier.

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This post is for suggestions/requests on what lolis I could draw(Fri-Sun). Stream doesn't have a set time but check in whenever during those days and I'll most likely be on. :blobdab:
Stream here >

Commissioned by Swine9
Full set in the thread.
Contains rough sex, cheating, blackmail

Sorry for the wait collab will be starting todaaay. Got a huge gash on my main hand wrist a few days ago and had to get stitches. Hopefully it won't be reopening but I'll give my best. :anidab_left:

I can't really when I don't play their games anymore, but I can at least make some lewd propaganda for the cause!

Feel free to support me on
I post wips and updates there, but all of my finished works will still be available for free everywhere else.

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