One day when working in the rice fields Sakuna notices the big old man in hiding with his cock out stroking it while peaking at her. Sakuna decided to humor the man. The little goddess never expected to be used like a loli cum dumpster onahole by the old man night after night behind the house after a day of working in the fields and hunting. She regretted humoring the man.... or maybe she didnt lol.

Newest coomision!
really happy i found a 8b pencil so i can actually make dark lines without wanting to die.

Standard Commission for @dangertap on Twitter. I can not be held responsible for however this character wound up in this situation.

this is the participation of @pears to the Frozen festival! personally this is one of my favorites!
i love the work of this artist please follow him! :)

Let It Drip# 1

I was inspired by a Sephiroth Drip Meme Image so I decided to make my own.

My Take of Caron Izumi From Chargeman Ken!

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