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⚠️Dont fucking follow or interact with me if you're a pro-c pedo, I can NOT understand why this needs to be said but apparently it does. ⛔

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ill just be doing little sketchbook things for a while until i heal enough to use my tablet again~

ok heres a lil something inspired by some of the prompts! :asstr: :huey:
might do more/finish this up tomorrow. hopefully the reading order is clear enough in this messy form


Comission Piece involving Riley's questionable but otherwise acceptable kinks (cuz you know...he ain't gay or anything)

Huey: You give the best blowjobs Riley.

Riley: Don't say that n****. IT SOUNDS GAY!

Huey: Incase you haven't notice...we're doing gay Shit.

Riley: Huey imma tell grandad you pickin on me...

... Right After I finish Riding da Pole between yo legs, ehh ehh.

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