"Too hot to care", featuring my wolf fursona, Kitsuna and my OC Shinobu. This pic got slightly delayed - when I planned it, it was actually way too hot to think straight 🌑️

Art by Meru, find her on Twitter: twitter.com/meru_nyaa

There will be more fox girls soon, but for this month I went for a simple pinup of my fursona~

Art by Meru, find her on Twitter: twitter.com/meru_nyaa

I'm kinda out of new material to post for now... More is already in the making, but I'm also interested in trying out new artists!

Can anyone recommend artists who take commissions, and draw watersports or diaper art? Furries would also be a plus.

Recommending yourself is fine as well~

A new pic of Akimi and Shinobu! The penalty for losing a bet with her sister...

This one was drawn by @GR_art ~

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