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requests can be made at my retrospring or via twitter/baraag DMs! guidelines below! i'll be honest, it's /really/ going to have to click with me to consider it. feel free to try though, dont be shy.

to fully flesh out this Splatoon OC idea i've planned out at the scale of work desired would require both artistic AND musical talent.
how frustrating. there's no way i could do this character justice with writing alone. it HAS to exist as a multimedia idea or not at all.

i recently wrote something a female pov that someone requested also be done from a male pov. if i really wanted, i could edit things to portray this and publish it twice but...i think it feels a bit cheap to do so.

when you read stories meant for self-insertion, do YOU:

why, yes, my dorky octoboy totally earned this high-ranking tableturf reward completely legitimately, and definitely didn't intentionally distract his opponents by quietly slipping off his sandals beneath the table and resting his bare feet in their laps.
why do you ask?

if feet are paid DLC this time (amiibo) i'm going to splat myself. i suppose it would be better than Splatoon 2's two year wait for anything like this being added though.

a good friend of mine very generously gifted me Splatoon 3 🥺 which means i'm going to be heavily immersed in the Splatoon setting for a very long time to come. i hope i can finish writing a ton of ideas i have for it (provided i can set the game down at all)!
it also seems that due to the way it was gifted to me, i can play it several hours early before the official midnight release in my region. i'm diving in IMMEDIATELY.

been watching 2platoon letsplays lately, octolings are so cute

splatoon stories soon, i swear. updates to the Pearl/Marina fic AND something else entirely; focused on various octolings of both genders and their adventures with dubious substances
P.S. i WILL write your weird fetishes for your fav fandoms in exchange for an NA Splatoon 3 code 🥲

old art but i still love the rendering

When i use all of my horny power in one drawing :

the scene in Breaking Bad where Walt is listing the pros and cons of having to kill Krazy-8, but it's me making a list of the pros and cons of whoring out pictures of my feet for money and/or trying to get commissioned for the first time so i can afford Splatoon 3 by release day

Anonymous asked for John and Jade to go on a date. They flew over the ship to have a moment alone, away from the sprites and consorts.

i dont have the disposable income for Splatoon 3 anytime soon so i will probably retreat into writing more Splatoon fics in order to cope. and crying. at least the testfire will be fun.

me and a friend were talkin about how people were horny for the villagers instead of the animals for once

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