It's called a bandwagon, and I'm gonna ride it harder than Hogarth rides dick.

Might finish this later when I finish other things.

It's called a bandwagon, and I'm gonna ride it harder than Hogarth rides dick.

Might finish this later when I finish other things.

Please spread this as best you can to other shota artists!
Some scumbag on deviantart is taking people's art, editing diapers on it and taking credit for it.
He's taken my art and has probably taken yours, do your best to help me take him down!

Expect a commission sheet as soon as I'm done moving into my new house in a couple of weeks. I hope after 3 years of non consistent are, people might still be interested in my works, and I hope how I've improved will get people interested in commissions!

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A bit of an update on where I've been. Earlier this year I was promoted at my job, and in that time, what my job entailed saw many new changes that made me significantly more busy, and less motivated to draw when coming home. However, things are getting better, and I'm beginning to re kindle my passion for the art that I've done, after seeing so many amazing artists who have popped up in the time I've been gone. Soon I'll be back to posting full time, and will re open commissions!

I hate how isolated i feel where i currently live. It feels like im in a bubble in the northeast and any potential online friend is no shorter than 10 hours of driving away. I wish so much for the freedom to travel yet my life forever feels lonely.

I wanna do a full scale lewd of Spiderman in honor of Endgame, and would like to know what people would like to see! I'll let people decide what Peter will be up to! The poll will be live from now until the exact time I get out of Endgame this Thursday, can't wait to see what you have in mind!

Tk doesn't wanna share his Tai, and is asserting his dominance by showing ass

Alright, I PROMISE this is my final adjustment to the Varian pic! I think his hair needed a bit of depoofing, and I'm finally happy with it!

What do you want to see more from from me?

I couldn't bring myself to be happy with my previous Varian nude, so I spent a whole lot of time working on it and tweaking it and I think I'm finally at a good place with it!

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