months old porn of medieval manuscript creature tht i just now found n finished

cant draw nsfw during the day, so heres something tame

amatsuka, omorashi 

tsukasa tying up amane and touching him everywhere. when amane asks to be let go because he has to pee, tsukasa runs his hands over his tummy and pants giving light pressure there while still licking and biting amane's neck. the touches over his tummy just make him need to pee more and more. as it builds up hes making these delicious sounds tsukasa likes so much, hes eating them all up. with tsukasa touching him like this hes getting hard and it's not helping at all.

awww come on little boy, dont cry 

someone stole his purse and he needs to get it back... somehow...

tsukasa and little festival amane... rlly sketchy n bad but i liked the concept so i wanted to upload it anyway hhnn..... 

inspired by this fic, which opened my third eye:

micro + voreish, twincest :U 

i was making a comic for vore day but uh, i didnt finish it, here's my fave panel huehue

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