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Brothers play

Jake (lil bro) and Austin (big bro) are starting to learn their sexuality together...

4 bonus images on my fanbox:

Moribld made a commission on my pixiv for a hairy trevor and asked me to share with you guys, hope you guys like it.

2 bonus images I made as a gift on my fanbox

You guys learned how to measure your dick, now it's time to learn "How to hide your dick"

Had to share this of a new character that I'll be releasing soon, what do you guys think?

What to do when you don't feel like doing anything? Got plenty of work to finish but can't find the strength to do it, help pls :blobsob:

Hi everyone, hope you guys are all well!
I've seen a lot of people enjoyed the big dick shota I made a while ago and decided to ask you guys what kind of images you guys wanted to see next with a big dick shota as the main.
Solo, duo, big dick shota playing with a small dick one, adult x shota...
I'll be making the one with most comments so make sure to give your opinion!

(Didn't want to make a poll because I always love seeing other ideas you guys might have)

Hi everyone, one of my followers (@Ku) asked for this boy to have a bigger dick, so here it is...

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