うちのこの「エールデ」です(She is my OC "Erde".)
不老不死で不幸で、(She is undying and unlucky.)
いつもどこかでえろい目に遭わされてます(And she is always raped somewhere.)

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@digi_tan ありがとうございますー😊

@Dorothy @nakaishow oh, I am not surprised in the least, I am just trying to learn to read Japanese (at least kana!) and wondering what うち means here.

In Russian we use ОМП for male and ОЖП for female OCs :blobcat:

@Madfan @Dorothy @matana
Thank you for having interest in Japanese, matana. :blobhappy:
Thanks description, Dorothy and Madfan. :blobcat:

"うちのこ" is a word that is often used among Japanese manga artists.

As they say うち mean "(my) home".
And, の mean "of", こ=子 mean "child".

I freely translation 「うちのこ(child of mine)」 as "original character (what I made)".

@Madfan @Dorothy @matana Did you understand this...?
I'm sorry if it's hard to understand because I use google translation. :blobcatpeek:

@nakaishow @Dorothy @matana 私たちぜんいん分かったとおもう

@nakaishow @Madfan @Dorothy

Thank you for your explanation! I actually misread この as "this" instead of just こ as 子 :cry_konata:

But now it's more clear! :comfy_cirno: Now I know a new Japanese internet slang word!

@matana @Madfan @Dorothy Oh, I see! Certainly, Japanese language are difficult to separate words. :blobowo:
I'm glad to convey meaning. :bloblaugh:

@Kagekokoro うへへへ…撫で撫でしてあげてもらえると嬉しいです…
hehehe...i'm glad if you pat her...

@nakaishow 不老不死いいですね…

@flatkobo ありがとうございます…かわいそうな子はかわいいです…

@LordofSkulls37 アリですけども、この子溺れそう…(That's good. but, I think she will drown....)

@LordofSkulls37 そういった教育を受けてないので…とはいえ、水に身体を漬けるのならできそうですが(Because she is not educated. Although, she may be able to soak her body in water.)

@LordofSkulls37 それならいけますね!(Then you can!!)

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