loli🔞あなた専属の拷問少女 Your torture girl 

A flower in my hair, a whip in my right hand, love in my heart

loli🔞あなた専属の拷問少女 Your torture girl 

■脱衣版 3パターン
undress 3 diffs
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※1月31日まで ~Jan.31

loli🔞あなた専属の拷問少女 Your torture girl 

@muk_monsieur Dommy Daughter. Cool and good.

@muk_monsieur @Nyoronyan Please be careful with this sort of thing.

I recognize this as a traditional BDSM outfit and part of their culture.
However, wannabe fascists of the internet don't seem to understand things like satire and irony.

Sincerely, lots of love, An Internet Weirdo.

@muk_monsieur @Nyoronyan Apologies, I super didn't mean to suggest she was in any way meant to BE a fascist.
It is just fetish wear; I'm not well educated on the topic but I'm pretty sure fetishy goofs like this have done more to combat the self-important image military uniforms crave than all serious war dramas combined, for example.

I have seen actual fans of these ideologies on this site, blocked 'em, moved on. They're not subtle.

Lots of love, Anxiety Disorder in Treatment 😎

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