A bit late, but wanted to take my time to make good quality art to thank @satori with all my heart for all the hard work and dedication to make this cool place. This is the most enjoyable and heartwarming community I've been in on these two decades I've been on the art field!
And for the first time in my life, I have a site where I can post my artwork without having to worry about being insulted, mocked off or banned because of the content of my art. And for me that is priceless!

Commission: Tharja X OC

*NEW - Christmas Pack has been launched, you can buy it gum.co/rAxAN

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and receive the image in full size the first week of FEBRUARY when all the promises proceed.

Chicha love!
For some reason the family pic feels like one of the most depraved things I've drawn 😂


"Hangin' On Tight" A cute picture that @ButterscotchLollipop included me in, done by MedicatedCannibal ( furaffinity.net/user/Medicated ), thank y'all very much!

Lolly is @ButterscotchLollipop
Lemmy is me



I think you guys was not expecting Mabel! More suprises soon! 😋

If you like my work, support me at PixivFANBOX!!


Here's some art of @Hoshime's OC, Bridgette!! They've got four other very cute OC's but Bridgette seemed to have the most spunk!

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