My OC Teagan sneaking a selfie in. Rare backview!

Sketch request from February

Sonic cosplay with my OC Teagan and her friend, Blue

Sketch request from February

Teagan and Stel in desperate need of baby supplies

Sketch request from January

Teagan and a new friend having fun at the arcade. Streamed 30-min sketch from January.

Oh wait, I was drawing as early as 2014. Say hello to Sweetie Belle.

I've got a bunch of other art things to deal with right now but here's a prospective new OC... and a clown, no less

My first drawing ever from 2015, working on the design for my OC Teagan.

This piece was actually nuked off of DA despite being fairly tame - because I had dared to call it "oppai loli" in the description. It still makes me angry to this day, since even now it could never be reuploaded on NG. I'm thankful that baraag exists.

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