Extreme underage/babycon 

Drags my ass back to baraag so I can post spicy forbidden alts

I need to yell about the dynamic between this guy and his 16 year old niece it’s insane. She shows up on his doorstep and she’s like a manic pixie dream girl

tramsgengder? monky?? :thinking_cirno:
for the event going on now.
Steven belongs to @Dreadianz and Fandango belongs to @moonlightinpink :]

Hot priest who goes around telling parents of problematic children that they need exorcised but he really just molests and corrupts them into obedient cumdump slaves, putting womb tattoos on them, and gradually getting them ready to fuck everyday until the priest has a harem of lil boys

get me pregnant then fuck me in front of the kids. talk 'em through it. really get 'em interested in the cock pumping inside and maybe the thought eventually creeps in that maybe they'd wanna try it out, themselves. c'mon; i'll spread their puckered little hole open for you just enough so you can start to grind the head of your fat pedocock into your kid's little virgin ass.....♡

She looks like this. So, she could go younger…! I wonder what Blue’s AOA is…

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I was thinking about posting more writing concepts but the 500 character limit… it’s hard for me to figure out how to break up something longer into smaller chunks of the right size

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