I haven't been very active this last month because of the holidays. :blobcat:

I just noticed that my discrod account has been blocked...
Blocked because of my art.
Shota, Yaoi and Furry are prohibited.
I don't have any more information :angy:

I am sorry. I had to delete and repost my last post 4 times. I had several errors in the drawings.

I always see my mistakes too late :blobnervous:

Naruto and Konohamaru (a lost bet) Part1 :blobsmilehappyeyes:

Konohamaru is truly a pervert XD
I enjoyed doing this commission.
I really enjoy drawing stories.
It took a lot of work.


(I corrected a mistake, sorry for the repost)

New request completed :blobartist:

I had a lot of work for this commission.
Lots of specification : Background, pose, haircut, emotion, morphology,.. Iterative drawing

I will stop commssions with this shader style.
It seems that a lot of people don't appreciate this kind of drawing. And
this type of drawing and the requesting customer community bring me a lot of worries.
I will focus on the manga, disney, comics style.
yaoi, hentai, shota, furry...
Thank you for your understanding.

commission in progress. :blobartist:
Hard to find the right pose
Better take your time before you start

New request completed :blobartist:

Naruto and Konohamaru again.
I'm still learning more about them every day. amazing ! XD

Thanks again for this commission.

A new commission completed! :blobartist:

My Hero Academia :blobheartcat:
Deku, Minoru and Kota peeing.
Everything is an excuse to compare

A new commission completed!

What is spiderman wearing under his outfit. :blobthinkingsmirk:

My best shota ! On this occasion, I really took the time.

Warning, this is a Shota. It's a fictional drawing, it's not the reality.

When I looking for a top on grindr ... :blobglare:

The character on the right is fictitious.
I train on muscle anatomy. :blobartist:

This time it's not fiction. I used a photo and I tried to draw the best, shadow, light, color. :blobartist:

Given that is an existing person, I have permission
This is me last weekend.:blobcatcool:

My last post was censored. Some people think I drew nudity based on an irl photo.
Obviously, no.
Obviously the nudity and the morphology were totally fictional.
It's a shota :blobbroken:

thanks for your messages.
I had a hard time motivating myself to finish this drawing.
I didn't want to draw anymore, but it's coming back.
I am not yet very comfortable with the publication of shotacon :blobowoevil: .

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New request completed :blobartist:
Naruto and Konohamaru

I have way too many pending requests. I can no longer receive requests. I draw when I have free time. You can always propose to me, but I will have to make choices.

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