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:blobstop: •This is a fiction-only space.

•General content warnings include guro, incest, noncon, dubcon, and slight underage. Applicable CWs are always added.

•I make a lot of dumb text posts.

•Please don't refer to my characters by trans fetish terms. I won't judge anyone for what they call their own characters, as long as you respect my boundaries!

Thank you! :blobstop:

cw emetophobia + gore/gross text 

i had to work to find them (thank you 9 year old gamefaqs post) but it doesn't matter bc stages 1-5 live rent free in my mind

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iMm just going to say it. The radiation sickness notifications from fallout 1 and 2 are sexy

sweater vest or cardigan + dress shirt is the pervert uniform

the truth ismy favorite type of character is 20-somethings who are so agonizingly sheltered they practically have the lived experiences of a preteen , like the personality equivalent of a sign on ur back that says “MANIPULATE ME”

>claims to have butch mommy agenda
>only draws daughter

that being said obviously one should not have to have deeper motivations than simply finding something hawt to be worthy of basic human respect

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the way puritans d’internet generalize all taboo ships as being purely a fetish thing is genuinely kind of insulting . on the internet my ass is out but on the inside i am as though a young poet of the 1920s stricken by illness sending letters to a lover who has gone off to war i am devoted to LOVE

the immediate brotherhood between left handed people

specifically furries who call people with kinks they dont like freaks but then they turn around and they have an flist full of like gore and hypno and vore just... on display

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hypnosis fetish is just dubcon for normies who are scared to say it

all the writing budget went into ~50 lines of dialogue

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it is so weird because for the first 80% of the game you are just fucking around and stabbing a monster sometimes (much of the time) and then when you get to the dragon the suddenly the game just starts spouting some fucking raw ass wisdom at you until the end

The fact that the game's story is not very good is irrelevant

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dragons dogma is good because i can make a little four foot five bitch surrounded by 6 foot tall women for my bodyguards

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