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:blobstop: •This is a fiction-only space.

•General content warnings include guro, incest, noncon, dubcon, and slight underage. Applicable CWs are always added.

•I make a lot of dumb text posts.

•Please don't refer to my characters by trans fetish terms. I won't judge anyone for what they call their own characters, as long as you respect my boundaries!

Thank you! :blobstop:

playing pathologic 2........ artemy is my tamagotchi

people on twitter are suddenly angry that furaffinity allows feral porn and baby fur when they have just HAD Feral and Babyfur categories right there for the longest time ...... eye.......

thick leather gloves are just so .......... sexy...........,

they are (fraternal) twins actually but i cant lead with that because they do not even look related here

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beach pic back up tomorrow or sunday .. :FeelsDogMan: probably . maybe today if i dont go to sleep at 1 pm as i am wont to do

where are they now: the ceramics students from march

(fe fates actually has a lot of merits that make it a good and fun entry but it gets brushed aside because of the tbh slightly excessive fanservice, mediocre side characters, and the whole Babyrealm ordeal but we arent ready for that conversation)

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also i took the new post down for now whgghwh im gonna put it back up some later time with dlc

fe fates was objectively just an alright game but you know they DID give us 7 incest options . So I think we can call it good at least a little bit.

i think i posted that at a bad time i might take it down and repost some other day fjdgdhds

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