This is the depression Mogami. Retoot for a bottle of personal wine to appear under your greasy pillowcase tonight!

[NSFW] Mogami making mob cum over and over again by milking his cute little cock💕


my digital tablet is broken so i’ll be communicating my artistic visions in solely traditional media for now

Mogamob NSFW
(Featuring Mogami and trans shigeo) Based on the fake teacher au where he poses as Mob’s teacher in Mogamiland to gain his trust

Why am I such a slut for long eyelash mob

He’s just got cow eyelashes

I love splashes of color in comics that make no sense (WIP)

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First image is pricing, the other images are more examples of the style/quality.

🚫complex designs (feel free to ask!
🚫More than 2 characters

👍loli/shota/incest/bestiality etc
👍heavy kink (literally anything even if I haven't drawn it before)
👍discreet on request

NOTE: More complex designs (centaurs and some animals for example may cost extra, show me refs and I'll give you a quote!)

Serious inquiries only to
👉rawrubatosis()@gmail(.)com 👈(without parenthesis)

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Messy little comic about mob using mogami’s first name

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