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Years after the whole mogami-arc stint Mob finds out he really loves it when Keiji chokes him during sexytimes☺️☺️☺️

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Consider commissioning your local mogamifucker! :3c I’m doing $50 black and white character commissions! These are lined, shaded, grayscale, with an extra character totaling $60 Attached below is my sheet, and an example of a Link commission I just did for an anonymous commissioner. I’m willing to draw just about anything.

Mob: Mogami-san, how do you like your eggs?
Mogami, smirking: Fertilized.
Ritsu *about to break his chopsticks*: Can I exorcise him? Can I PLEASE exorcise hi

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And then Mogami fucked Mob loud enough for everyone to hear it through the walls🤔

A shimateru comic based on a tweet by @ANATH3MAS on twitter that I absolutely had to bring to life.

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I want to draw more Courage!Mob....he was so beautiful✨

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