I haven’t said much about them lately but I still think about Ace and Gaz fucking, daily. I want Gaz to suck Ace’s dick. I should finish the drawings I started.

Watch Ballmastrz: 9009

Are there any other /ss/ artists or stories out there that explore the types of dynamics I do? I don’t want to believe i’m the only one, I feel like that’d be arrogant, but I have a hard time finding anything. I’d like some more content to enjoy without having to create it all myself. I know a few people have shown me a few artists/pieces already but it’s still an incredibly small pool.

Oh yea and bases mac and frankie off the creator and his wife lol

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I think it’s funny that Foster’s clearly tried to make Mac’s crush on Frankie one-sided by not showing her returning his feelings, but still established that Mac is one of the few people she connects to and trusts, they only really have romantic compatibility with each other, Frankie is canonically written to be bad with boundaries and seeks out emotional reassurance and wants to be pampered by an imaginary friend that reads as a little boy, and she kisses on Mac in response to being infatuated.

I feel absolute warmth, tenderness, and comfort in my /ss/ ships. It’s hard to explain how a taboo ship could feel so safe. This older woman is going to dote on and love the shota who needs it more than anything. I think it’s important to me that the shota character Needs the support as well. I tend to not care for ss ships where the shota is well-adjusted or has a support network. Its the fantasy of not fitting in but one person will love + provide for you and mom you without being your mom.

this is why i’ll probably only be able to do a page a week though for my mac/frankie comic until it’s done. i can only juggle so much w/ a chronic illness and full time job

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I have about 1/4 to 1/3 (5 minutes) of a pilot animatic for my original story roughed out as boards, my goal is to have it finished, cleaned up, and voiced by uh, early next year? i’m aiming for jan-mar (probs closer to march). i’m not sure how much i should share in the WIP stages but i’m really excited. i feel confident that my ideas are unique compared to other pitches bc i want to tell stories im not seeing, so i think it’ll be fun. i have two ideas, both v diff tones, i’d love to make both.

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Next page inked just gotta... color...

(im never doing colored comics again lol it takes me far longer to color than it does to ink and sketch combined)

god damn this next page is hot...

People can think my work is cringe, I accept that, but to create any meaningful work that will leave a lasting impact, you have to step outside of the box that society deems acceptable and safe, and that in itself will be viewed as inherently cringy. It’s a much more fulfilling way to create and express oneself, so I pity those who never explore that avenue, even if they mock my work, at least i’m living.

Working on this comic thinking about how much I love Mac/Frankie, what a wonderful dynamic... it’s just so sweet and cozy.

ok i think i got it, i had some thumbnailed ideas but wasn’t feeling it but i think i figured out how to do the rest of the comic and have the next page roughed out, expect more pages hopefully this weekend... (also apologies i’ll respond to messages later)

Debating on how far to take the Mac/Frankie comic in terms of nsfw.... hm....

To me the warner siblings are all poly and involved with each other. It’s weird to me when people only ship two of them together. They all love each other!

On one hand it sucks I have less free time to draw for myself but on the other thanks to my job my bank account is looking sexier and sexier again so, y’know.
Gonna try to get some art out this weekend because my schedule is lax for the next few days thanks to the holidays!! Hopefully more comic pages.

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