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Commissions are now closed. Thanks, everyone! I'll be contacting you all through the course of next week 💜

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Commissions are now open :3
You can send me your commission idea on my form:
More info here:

Hot boys for your wet dreams, which one would you choose? 😏
Cast your vote at

(voting ends on the 8th of October)

Commissions will be opening next week on the 24th at 10AM EST.
If you wanna get ready for it, here's my Commission Info to help guide you throw the process:

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@sirius1696 I just noticed I posted on the wrong order, I flipped 3 and 4 😅

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Tease of a commission for @sirius1696
Leo and Iggy love some toddler ass 😏
And yes, we have smegy alts 😉🧀

Part 2 (2/2)
Now the question is... What should he do with Timmy when he gets home? 😏

He is baaaack 😈
Have you ever wanted to bring back home a little boy you found on the street? Uncle Gengar will teach you how... 😏

Sorry for the lack of content lately, I've been working on a lot of comms, but I'll have a nice surprise coming next month ;3

Comm for Aeleruil 💜
This has 40 versions lol, I won't be posting all of it but here's a few 😋

It's been a while since I last drew ma favorite boy 🥰
If you're into fart and watersports, you're gonna love this one 😈
Commissioned by Aeleruil

Available on:

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Those Pancham are gonna have a lot of fun with Mike... 😏
Aside from a cum sequence, there's also a bunch of WS, smeg, and fart alts ;3

Available on:

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