unnamed ocs from some old sketchlog pages...
what do you think they should be named?

you can pledge to view the full sheets and other pages on fanbox!

I'm indecisive... help me with name choosing!
girl names:

for the big bull too..
bull names?

if you have better suggestions feel free to reply with them too hehe

hmm... daisy's cute but I kinda found eloise appealing..

@milkscum f: daisy, bettina, lucy
m: ferdinand, otis, milton

@milkscum Now I feel bad for the original minotaur, seeing how fatherly this guy is. Strength, determination, and love (especially nuzzling her in the full page). A good name for him would be Tyrell ("stubborn" or "determined"). It must be tough to keep up with a wiry little hellion who's constantly throwing her entire body into so many moods & cute poses. Her happiness as her daddy does her hair is super sweet. Perhaps Nisha (from Nishat, Arabic name meaning "lively") for her. Thanks again.

@milkscum I like eloise too. For some reason the voting applet won't work for me.

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