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thanks for all the fun ideas 💛 this week's a bit busy for me, but I'll try to do at least one of the halloween requests! I'll sketch the rest and throw them into the november sketchlog release

oc commission, thank you for supporting me!

full versions as always will be included in the end of the month rewards folder

lol my storyboard commission making it's rounds always makes me want to do another one.... :welp:

hmm... daisy's cute but I kinda found eloise appealing..

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if you have better suggestions feel free to reply with them too hehe

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for the big bull too..
bull names?

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I'm indecisive... help me with name choosing!
girl names:

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unnamed ocs from some old sketchlog pages...
what do you think they should be named?

you can pledge to view the full sheets and other pages on fanbox!

I'm open for commissions! I'm doing these through a fanbox tier now. you can dm me here or there.

I'm easing back into things and will be opening my tiers on fanbox again soon, times have been weird.- thanks for the patience :blobheart:

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