indulgent ernest & celestine request finalized :blobblush: Thank you for indulging me...!

stream starting soon!
celesse is taking requests today


Art rewards folder for March has been released for Fanbox suporters!

also, 4 slots for April commissions have been filled. will let you know when slots become available again.

Thank you for supporting me! 💛

Thanks all who tuned in!! Ahh I'm so grumpy that I messed up my intro after spending so many times practiciting and preparing everything OTL oh well! What's done is done.

Here is Celesse's stream schedule for this week!

Now, milkscum will go back to normal quiet account posting 😅

🐭 Celesse is going LIVE in 15-25 minutes! Grab a seat!

💛 Check the description box for links and info while you wait

Want to support the stream or have your message read live?

Send me a 🍪 here:​

I'll have fun, but if I embarass myself today please divorce it from what you remember about me as a baraag artist... :angry_laugh:

thanks for all the support this month on here and other platforms related to this new silly endeavor- I'm having fun & very grateful for the community here.

please look forward to the debut on sunday :blobblush:

next month, I will open back up some commission slots and return to regular loli art posting. no more promos besides the occasional stream announcement toots, but im considering sharing a link to the weekly schedule once a week and leaving it at that, we'll see.

thanks again! 💛

commission for @MarsAtoms 💛
This was such a treat to draw after a long month of debut prep :blobblush:

Thank you for your continued support!!

As always, the full high rez version and a process vid will be released for Fanbox at the end of the month.

oc commission for @Dart25
thanks for your continued support! 💛

full rez, process vid & alt without table will be released in archive folder for Fanbox at the end of month

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