🍯 🍋 honey lemon sketch commission for may raffle winner @satori

thank you for supporting me!

all tier rewards for may are now online.

may rewards folder is available to $10 tier pledgers now

16 page digital sketchbook + process videos for paintings


I will release to general pledgers on saturday.
thank you for supporting me !

requests/suggestions box for may- I'm opening it up to the floor for this first month using this platform.


process vids and psds of my recent paintings will be in this month's rewards folder

I decided to go with Pixiv Fanbox. Thank you all for the thoughts and info! Please consider supporting me there. I'd appreciate if you could boost and share among your circles as well

Commission for @satori ! Linnea is always a pleasure to draw :blobblush: Thanks for commissioning me!

or potentially pixiv fanbox- I'm being told patreon isn't ideal.
my intention is to keep it low stakes regardless of the platform- I appreciate your thoughts!

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I'm thinking about starting a Patreon- just want to get an idea of numbers:

been a bit burnt out but feels good to revisit an old fave

Hope everyone is staying healthy out there. It's been a while so I'm opening up commissions again, 3 slots- dm or email me.

pricing info here: listography.com/milkcomms

opening up commissions again, 3 slots- you know the drill. dm or email me.

pricing info here: listography.com/milkcomms

storyboard commission for @satori . some fun with their ocs. thanks for supporting me as always !

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