Hi everyone :blobcheer:
I've been working away on this project and ready to go public on Twitter and other places..

🐭 Follow for updates: twitter.com/celesse_vt

🐭 Subscribe:

Rig is on it's way..
Debut should be within the next couple months..🤞

Hope you can support me and help me move towards my goals....🐭 Appreciate shares & boosts!

Thank you for being a safe place for me!

New Discord server has been set up!

Receive full archive of past uncensored art, commissions, process videos, and past sketchlogs when you pledge.
Updates monthly!

Fanbox: mlkscm.fanbox.cc/

Okay! All set up! Thank you for your patience and all your help. :blobheart:


Nevermind, it seems my files seem to be too large for crypt drive too...... I will figure out how to use mega... thank you for your patience

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Thanks for all the help coming my way already-

I've looked into a few of the hosting services recommended and I'm going to try setting up a private discord for posting download links..
I know it's common to use Mega but unfortunately I can't figure out pw encryption for mega (and it's more than I'd like to pay monthly) so I'm going to try out cryptpad's drive service and upload the archive soon.

Thanks for your patience!

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Hi guys 😥
Here's an update regarding my recent pixivFanbox update below...

for now, I hope that the measures I took will be enough to avoid suspension 🤞 that would really suck.

If you have any, I'd really appreciate any recommendations for any secure third party file share/storage sites.

If not... any ideas would also be appreciated!

Thanks always for supporting me.

commission for @Dart25 ! :blobheart:

full rez and alts will be available in rewards folder soon!

thank you always for supporting me!


commission for a fanbox pledger!

full view and uncropped version will be available in rewards folder soon

thanks for your support!


Hope everyone has a warm and safe holiday! Thank you for all your support as always :blobblush: Here's to another year together ❤

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