The natives call them "two spirit"

All the men who share his bed also become two spirit...

Full 27 second dance animation

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"Pussy Workout"

2/ "Mmmm" Austin moans as his tight little child-sized anal cavity swallows down the big fat cockmeat of his older brother. He can't believe how hot and good his rectum feels as it snuggles up against his brother's big, throbbing shaft, filling his pussy to capacity with the hot pulsating meat of a horny male sex organ.

Who likes shota femboys getting stuffed with fat dicks?


"Pussy Workout"

1/ Suddenly, the youngster's sphincter relaxes and opens wide, allowing the fat head of Jake's cock to slide smoothly into his 6 year old brother's hungry pussy. Austin grunts in delight as his brother's big cockhead pops inside him, stretching out his tight little asshole. The kid groans in pleasure as the delicate, elastic muscles of his rectum stretch to accommodate his brother's giant penis.

Slip - Lights Out

2/ He knows exactly what Jake wants to do, and he wants to do it too: he wants to make his big brother's cock explode in his gut.
"Can we pretend I'm your girlfriend again? You know, the way we did last time...?"
Jake nods enthusiastically, happy to oblige his younger brother's wish to play the role of his naughty little girlfriend.
"Yeah baby, come here. Let's get your pussy ready for me."

1/ Austin looks back over his shoulder and grins, seeing his teenage brother's massive sex organ standing erect and proud at the sight of his young, smooth little boy butt. He can't believe how hot his older brother's body is, and how big his cock is becoming. He has no idea why, but it makes him feel powerful that he can make his big brother's penis hard.

Full animation at

2/ "Slide it in again," he whispers.
His eyes flutter closed as his pussy relaxes, letting his boyfriend push his thick cock into his hot ass, deep inside Austin's soft digestive tract once more. It feels so good when Jake slides his penis all the way into his guts...
Full animation at

1/ Austin arches his back, exposing the delicate curves of his tender feminine abdomen, his toned belly stretching taut over his slender legs, as he smiles with a look of blissful satisfaction at his accomplishment.
Full animation at

I'm back creating works again. Here is a preview of the work "Stimuli" which I just posted at

Full animation at

A teenage boy named Jake is getting ready to go to bed. He's just finished changing out of his clothes, when he notices his little brother's door open a crack. Naturally curious, Jake goes over to peer through the tiny opening. What he sees is enough to make him blush, but it also gets him excited because he knows what he's looking at will lead to an erection.

Liam and Kel's Date Night - A commission for a supporter.

5:50 length animation of foreplay, fucking and cum inflation available at

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