Hilda and Frida having a nice time in the shower :hildahappy: :hildahappy:
I love seeing them together >.<

The look at themselves naked in the mirror so you can see them from the front and from behind.

Last night on my live stream I held a vote for which characters I should draw, and these characters surprisingly won. It's my first attempt at drawing the girls, but probably not my last!

(R34) "Catching Ami"

Ami get caught while on the toilet! She’s shocked to say the least!

This is a Cartoon Network show I didn’t watch but I heard that it’s really good. I might check it out in the future.

(R34) "Fanbox Comm: Squatting Lynn"

Lynn is having a quick poop before Soccer Practice!

For an Anonymous Fanbox Fan

This picture turned out better than I expected, luckily the user felt the same way!

(R34) "Peridot Straining"

Peridot is letting go a big drop! Dang Amethyst and her influences. (She convinced her to eat a Burger)

I really like the idea of using her energy to remove her suit! Especially like that when she’s pooping!

[Fanbox Reward] - Lincoln and Rita.
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