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this is being posted for the purpose of getting pinned and also telling everyone that i'm starving for cash

Tactics win battles.
Logistics win wars.
Bureaucracy runs logistics.
And Tamara excels at bureaucracy.

once again i annoy the public because i have no idea what to draw

okay, i guess i ain't doing shit tonight then

classic annoyance of the followers with what should i do tonight

and yeah, suggest stuff for the suggestion bit if you're voting that

onion and hex maniac because i apparently have finally lost it

poopity scoop scoop de de woop

i have no idea what to do, decide for me

down where the street's getting narrow
and the freaks get high on sorrow

fee fi fo fum i smell the dosh of an english man
or something

reopened my commissions so go check that sheet out if you wanted something

ах если б остаться без взрослых
на корабле отправленном в космос

the only reason it's spoilered is because it's gonna make your eyes bleed

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