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this is being posted for the purpose of getting pinned and also telling everyone that i'm starving for cash

what do later

i sometimes wonder how in the name of fuck did i come out the way i am while still remaining socially acceptable to have as a friend to even the normiest of people

maybe i'm more charismatic than i give myself credit for

or just simply useful to have around

can't believe i didn't post it here but i now have a mysterious keychain

i should also probably draw more ichiban later, maybe eventually she'll become something better than just me redoing mhx to fit my tastes better

slurping and drooling and hurr

actually iirc i have a better chris sheet but i don't remember if i ever posted it here so ehhhhhhh whatever

for the sake of making my uploads seem more consistent

have some old OC stuff

i come back from the shower and i start to think i shouldn't put OCs in as a voting option ( = .=)

blitz annoyance poll: what to draw

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