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Updating my commission info so it has more recent drawings in it.
And because I'm bored.

>arm functions fine now
>can draw
>can't bring myself to draw
this is some sort of psychological torture

warming up after the fucking bullshit shoulder thing

should be back in full by monday

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yay i was told to do nothing for ANOTHER WEEK but at least this time it was "we're just making sure" and not "lol don't even think about it" kinda thing coming from the doctor

hahaha fuck apparently i managed to somehow heavily bruise a muscle that is extremely involved in pretty much any sort of upper torso movements, let along the right arm

so now i'm told to sit on my ass and do nothing for at least a week

kill me :cry_konata:

part of me wants to draw anyway but the other part is telling me to shut the fuck up and wait until i get my shoulder actually checked before risking irreversibly damaging something

i bought some sharpies
it was fun to draw with them
but my shoulder cut that much shorter than i wanted

i am beyond impressed how they managed to fuck up the new warframe update

at the same time turns out i was spot on with the size of centipedes

woke up, shoulder still hurts
this is fucking tarded and i hate it

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