rule of thirds.

ok so i wanted to test out this trick called the rules of thirds. basically you use a grid made of up of 9 squares and you use the intersecting lines of the inter square to use of focuses of interest. its a cinematic trick that supposedly helps make your focus more interesting. so i figured i test it out by making two posters with the same seen and character but one with and without the rule of thirds in effect and ask for feedback.

so tell me what you lot think?

a forest can rarely be a crazy place. but for the wolfs of this forest it just got crazy for them, after all its not everyday a demon wolf shows up horny for pussy.

a little under the weather.

this is just to let everyone that i've caught a 24 hour bug and will be chilling out and focusing on getting better before working on any new projects. i caught it the other day so i should be fine by tomorrow provided nothing happens. ill you lot around and hope you all have a good day.

valentines day everyone! hope you found someone to spend it. if not then hey you at least you got something to jack off to.

honestly this gave me more stress then i was expecting. gotta show people with deal lines more respect.

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Torielle is very bendable.

Stick your dick in the goatmilf pussy and rough her womb up.

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From last week's poll. Winner Light fury. She does like black dragons too but the dragon part is optional.
If I see anyone complaining about me drawing a black dude being cultural appropriation or racist I'll fucking draw a comic that will show you true culture appropriation


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