Ten days 'til Halloween!

Jordan is dressing as a succubus this year. โ™ฅ

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Little Mina wasn't expecting cock before naptime.

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"No, you can't have more pizza...!
Think of the ponies starving in Peru!"


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work-in-progress, but Poni hopes you can see where he's going with this.

(it's a vase with roses)

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A sketch from long ago, finally completed!

Also, a reminder to visit my website, hime.cc/ โ† warning! may contain naughty toddlers!

Georgia was looking for a bit of fun.

But things escalated quickly.

Jordan isn't *always* nude omg.

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When no one was looking, @maverick got two hundred followers.
He got 200 followers.
That's as many as twenty tens.
And that's bitchin'.

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You can't have straight toddler sex without boys!

Should Poni make him gay/bi? RT for "yes", +like for "no".

Jordan's studio photographer has a penis on the smaller side -- perfect for little pussies!

(Still too big for a toddler, tho)

/ mental note to not over-produce my images
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oh god he's drawing babysex now, i can't look.

oh jesus he even wrote a setting for it it's right here โ†’ justpaste.it/6o1eb i don't even

and he wants to make it into a comic christ how do i help

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