The "extra" versions of Cocoa's birthday picture are now live! ♪ This would be version 2 -- or rather, this would be the original idea for this picture!

A "cute, non naughty" version was posted on Cocoa's birthday, because back then, she was too tired for naughty times. But not anymore!

"Anise" subscribers get four extra versions. ♪ And "Hazel" subscribers get all SIX versions at the original resolution! ♥ Thank you for supporting Poni

Mina and a friend of her dad's. ♪

Please support the naughty loli!

Mina's dad wears panties the same color as Mina's panties.

That way, they can be twins. ♪

(except one of them is 32 years older, is 220lbs heavier, and is actually the dad)

Please support the chubby loli, the chubby, and the loli! ♪

Barry is staying with his Auntie.
Barry's mom gave Auntie enough money to pay the electric bill and buy some food.
But Auntie didn't pay the bill, and there's no AC.
She went to the store, but she didn't buy any food...
And now, she's acting all strange towards Barry...

Barry doesn't like to stay at Auntie's.

Poni raising funds for a much needed new PC. Poni would appreciate your support!

Poni is still around! Only that Poni's laptop died.

Currently working on a reeeeally old laptop, until Poni can gather funds for a new one.

In any case, the chubby loli won't be stopped. ♪

"Wanna make it 10?"

/ a new, improved version. ♥
// i'm'a stop reminding you that subscribers get even improved-er versions!

Springlove, ch 1, page 4

Keep the comic going!

And a big thank you to all my subscribers! ♥

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