At long last, Poni is posting his naughty toddler comic: SPRINGLOVE!

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"Sure! I'd love to taste your thick, juicy sausage...!


Well... this is good too!"

The alt versions of the "Little Lotta gets offered a sample of thick, yummy sausage in the supermarket".

Poni posts all his r34 art publicly! (and never as "subscriber rewards")

You're welcome!

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Niles, feeding Jordan some salty pudding for breakfast.

/ Re-uploaded with added details.
// Other versions available at Fanbox! --

Georgia is vacationing in her backyard.

Then, her friends came to visit. โ™ช

/ additional versions available on Fanbox!

As you know, Jordan sleeps in the nude.

Which of course means, she's not ready for bed yet. โ™ช

"you... wanna take a picture?
but why? it's all wet...

... see?"

A commission I was very happy to make. โ™ช

Thank you very much for commissioning me! โ™ฅ

Jordan, Georgia, and next door neighbor, Leo. A panel in a comic.

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A good daddy doesn't mind changing the baby.

A loving daddy enjoys it.

Jordan has a loving daddy. โ™ช

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