I created a subscribestar account.

Wish me luck and/or subscribe, I guess...


Finished for @BoomerBuzzard !

Her name is Abby and I was asked to draw her winking, but I found it difficult to draw a wink with only one eye on display. Hope you don't mind!
( ;∀;)

Forzen II spoilers 

Forzen II spoilers 

Forzen II spoilers 

Forzen II spoilers 

Forzen II spoilers 

I'm reading a book about children's artwork and it says that toddlers of ages 1-3 perceive drawn objects as "real" and may try to pick up a drawn apple, for example.

Now we know the median of 🐜 mental age.

please reply to that post for your bid to be counted in! :blobcat:

I wanted to draw this pose for a long time!

The bidding will stay open for 24 hours after the first bid has been placed!

✧・゚: teach me love, professor *:・゚✧

Ashe seeks comfort and new knowledge; and who could possibly satisfy his thirst better than his beloved teacher?

What he doesn't know is that his teacher is a virgin himself.

Drakengard 3 is a full-packed degeneracy train, from your main character who in addition to killing tons of people also fucks with her entire support team

to Decad(us), an ultra-masochist who washes front AND rear for her

to Octa who legit wanted to fuck a literal black hole

to Five and her giant chest of sex toys

to Dito who is non-conned by Five

sex with dragons is recognized and possible in-universe

there is a "couple" which is twincest/selfcest/parent-child incest in ONE package

normies: Nier Automata could be good, but 2B and her ASSets make the entire game problematic™

meanwhile, DoD3's Zero:

should've added gangbangs as a free jar. oh well!

@Hime_Takamura is right, this set of jars doesn't have enough degenerate baraag-worthy kinks, but it's been fun nonetheless.

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Weeelllll, I just got some bad news today. To make a long story short I got laid off early last month and I need money for food, bills and medicine while I look for a new job..

So if any help would be appreciated, I do commissions info on the pic or you can contract me at [email protected] for questions or more information

I also have a ko-fi is you want to just be generous that would also be dope

✧・゚: innocent bride *:・゚✧

Thank you, a single person who voted for Precis (or at all)! I hope you're happy with the result!

uuuuuh... sorry for kinda sorta being dead, it's just i've been hit with a lotsa stress and an artblock and I guess I failed the inktober...

...anyho, whom I should draw first?

day 10:

I had no idea what to do with this them for a pretty long time, but then it hit me: bruises make fine patterns!

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