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Cinnys photoshoot, plus scrapped post jerk off scene, ended up dropping it due to it being too gey. The blow job scene and the cover art are extra. Commissioner only paid for the four panel comic. Ended up going a bit overboard with this.

Apparently my most popular piece on tumblr, maybe it'll be as popular?
Or not, who knows.
Oven Mitt

I actually made something new!
Just some random character i whipped up

Just some Cinny panty variations, I'm not too proud of this one, I could have definitely done better but I have a couple commissions I haven't been paying much attention to.

As a final Halloween gift for you guys, there's a final Frankenweenie loli Velma sketch that was in wip but never finished.

Artist is @masterhation

niggerrrrrrrrrr with a soft r

I wont be able to draw for a while, dont expect any art uploads until next weekend, tho with what little freetime I have I'll still attempt to work on a couple of drawings. Thanks for all the support thus far!

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