The characters poll is now closed, and the winner is Bow Kid!
I'll post the picture during the early days of April.

The characters poll on fanbox is open!
The characters are Bow Kid, Akko, Louise Belcher, Elena from Monster Allergy.

The characters poll is now closed, and it's a tie between Kanna and Taiga!
I flipped a coin and Kanna won, I'll draw Taiga some other time for sure.
I'll post the Kanna picture during the early days of March :kannanom:

The characters poll on pixivFANBOX is open!
The 4 characters are Vanellope, Dylan Beekler, Kanna, Taiga.

Hello, I'm opening a pixivFANBOX!
There's going to be a characters poll each month where you can vote on which character you'd like me to draw.
The picture will be posted publicly, and I'll keep taking commissions as well.
Thanks to everyone for the support, it's very appreciated!

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