Since Mal's a superheroine capable of dodging bullets, it takes something more to put her in peril.

Mal belongs to @manbanras

Teenage mermaid peril. Will she survive?

(Mer)Mal belongs to @manbanras

Wait, that's not the fish we ordered...

Been having to scroll through too many mermaids and too much bondage the last few days, so I couldn't resist making this silly thing. Good time to finally get into the MerMay game!

A series of three pictures commissioned by (@manbanras), featuring his adventurer character Gwendolyn

Always wanted to doodle a pokemon version of Mal, finally got around to it.

Bunch of doodles and studies after my dash was flooded with tieflings today and I decided to give Bristle some long-deserved love. You can mostly blame @brellom for this, really.


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