Hermione Granger
Fan Request 06

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A big pic, took me several days.
Pantboy's Lilith, Andava's Li'l Ester and my own Pazu'toth getting into some trouble while trick or treating..
Pazu and Lilith are humans wearing full body make-up in this instead of being outright demons.
Also ft. Li'l Malyna for you observant types. 👀

@manbanras @soapydraws
Chapter 2: Peal vs. The Malevolent Sisters
Malyna is now against the greatest threat she's ever faced! Evildoers join forces with one goal: wipe Peal out the face of the Earth!

New commission available: @manbanras' Malyna, as requested by @soapydraws.
Full resolution available for Fanbox subscribers only: oca.fanbox.cc/

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Cap: Love & Justice
A new episode on Peal and Lisa's life.

New reward available, as requested by @DrinkyBritish: his original character Lisa and @manbanras's Peal.
Full resolution available for Fanbox subscribers only: oca.fanbox.cc/

A little series in which Tera transforms into "Li'l Tera" and travels to an alternate dimension where criminal behavior is merely frowned upon.

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