To finish this Valentine's special, let's show some love between OCs.
The warrior team showing a sweeter side: Gwen (@manbanras), Vigil (@SilverFox442) and Emirija (@soapydraws)

Thank you everyone for the outpouring of support. LinneaDay has totally caught me by surprise this morning and I just adore all the art being shared of her. This community wouldnโ€™t exist without all of you here giving me the strength to keep this place alive. Love you guys :linneasmile:

I thought she needed a cute pink cow bikini, it is the year of the ox after all

Whipped up a Linnea for @satori for even though I don't usually post art on here. Just wanted to show my support for @satori for hosting this site out of their own pocket

loli nipples linnea sorry we ddos'd baraag by accident! 

Happy everyone!
We all invite any artists to join us in this collaborative effort that was a month in the making.
This is all for you @satori , we all appreciate you and your site very much. Here is the piece I made as well as my part of @johndoe0 's collab piece :)

Taking a break from hell to give back to the champ.

Thanks for the platform @satori
and happy

Woah! I had no idea about , luckily I've been independently planning these wips for @satori for a while now, what a wonderful celebration of this great site and it's awesome creator!
Thank you for providing this open space to post art that is often shunned elsewhere.
And personally, Satori has been a long time supporter of my work, being one of my earliest commissioners all the way back in 2016! I can not thank you enough for the support and encouragement.

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