one my biggest collab commission picture done with @Gaoru the last one the 2019. A best way to start a new year with a big orgy :blobcatbreadpeek: Right? :blobcatcoffee:

Characters Β© belong between Gaoru, IceerTH, CCubed and me

If you like my work you should check my brother`s Gallery too!.
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Maybe a bit out of Halloween day but still november :blobeyes: so yes still able to post it here. they know how to get extra candies, yes cliche but fun lol

A second part that was supposed that was just a single pic, but finished having a lewd final First part here. :blobkissheart:

With my boy Paulo and Ruka (Commissioner)

aaaand i forgot to post this too u 3u
this weeks were so messy with projects of the university. but getting bit a bit more free so i found that i dont posted this.. :blobderp:

A little gift that did for @onegai a few weeks ago 0 30;,, in my small kemono style. She is so cute right?! anyway keep the amazing work! and creating more art! :blobheartcat:

Commission for RukaCollie

What i can say of Paulo γƒŽΰ² _ΰ² γƒŽ He always find the way to trick documents and connections to get in works and places around the world with his brother.Now he is here working like a pediatrician.routine check on the cutie puppy Ruka.

Paulo (Boy) is mine.

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