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Another of our big collabs with my brother @Gaoru โ™ฅ and favorite characters this time starring by our best kitties Pawsky And Kacy and their campaigners W.A.R.D. and Lemy with thematic of Halloween of the last year :blobheartcat: i love their story behind and that we built behind they.

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Some naughty Sharks walking like that in public. one of my massive pics done with @Gaoru with a lot of our characters around. so proud of this one. starred by my girl Shark/cat Rosa and @Gaoru ยดs Shark Azul.

New Character!!
She's my new OC! her name is Tenshi and she's an angel! she's only 600 years old and she want to learn more of those impure humans full of lust

I am preparing a little surprise with this pretty girl, please support my work and give me your follow, I want to reach 1000 followers and do more cute and sexy drawings :3

Hope you like it :3
:woah: :woah: :woah: :woah: :woah:


The naughty sitter brought the boy to a certain public bathroom at midnight. Once there, he called all his friends, and the friends of his friends, making a good naughty queue to male nurse the little fella~

Did you drop your other flop in the pool again?


First time with a werewolf can be pretty rough :blobowoevil:
Sharks are my weakness :blobsweat:
Renaldo (Werewolf) is mine
Maddie (Sharkgirl) belongs to a freind of mine.

Artist Note : Re-uploading an improved version.

Thanks for your patience everyone, this is the long awaited sequel to me and my brother @lpawz 's collaborative picture set as celebration for me finally reaching 3k watchers on IB and 300 on baraag. Thank you all for being such supportive fans. Enjoy. Comments are welcome, I'll be sure to respond!

There's no hiding anything from these girls! They will get the information they need in thier own way! I guess that's not so bad...right

I wanted to create a prequel teaser to the Part Two of this picture set that I worked on with my brother @Gaoru This is my surprise to celebrate my brother finally reaching a watcher count of 300 already on the middle way of 400
Of course there is more content for this picture set! Together, he and I have worked very hard on each piece.

loli espaniol 

Au where Brandy from brandy and Mr Whiskers grows up in a southern farm.
Decided to also have the Copy Cat Brandy's

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