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Another of our big collabs with my brother @Gaoru β™₯ and favorite characters this time starring by our best kitties Pawsky And Kacy and their campaigners W.A.R.D. and Lemy with thematic of Halloween of the last year :blobheartcat: i love their story behind and that we built behind they.

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Some naughty Sharks walking like that in public. one of my massive pics done with @Gaoru with a lot of our characters around. so proud of this one. starred by my girl Shark/cat Rosa and @Gaoru Β΄s Shark Azul.

Next picture fo my awesome brothercito ;3 Gaoru 

This time giving a chance to her cute little kitty Piper that prepared a cute sexy outfit just for Tito, she is so sure that will like and dress on this way just for him because she likes to dress differently and this can be maybe out a bit of her wardrobe

Piper and Tito of @Gaoru

They dont stop doing what they like, continuation of the gifts for my brother @Gaoru 

They were on the Katy`s house is turn of the Kizune`s house on this one were they can do more noise after a good practice. :blobcatbreadpeek:
She finding that likes to be spanked. she dont mind too being a bit chubby because Kizune love her like she is

Kizune @Gaoru
Katy @lpawz

Now is turn of the Squid couple`s porn requested by my amazing bro @Gaoru 

Katy becomes bit a bit for each private moment with her boyfriend Kizune getting more addicted to their special moments asking him for more and more, the thing is that she want to do it in all the places all the time and this sometimes make them be doing it in public places. Aside of all that she like taking sunbaths the why always finish with different cute tan lines.

Katy @lpawz
Kizune @Gaoru

The next Gift requested for my amazing bro! @Gaoru 

Once Eli finished with him, (She dont want to looks tired) She offers to clean all mess they did with some licking while give us a nice view of her inside, But something that she was not expecting is the deep cleaning.

What will be next one? Muahaha, Jamie, Eli and Lo-lee finished for this round. now is turn of some squids that like playing with ink.

Eli (Loli Succubus) @lpawz
Jamie @Gaoru

Now for the next requested pic for the gifts of my bro @Gaoru 

Is time to show what is able to handle the little succubus, anyway was her fault to use her powers to be so small for this occasion, even with her powers limited after have damaged a horn and that the other was completely lost she still have a lot of lewd power to spread. (i will tell more about her and her characters once i make her profile public :3)

Eli (Loli Succubus) @lpawz
Jamie @Gaoru

They called me madman, but here we are, finally my first model with a right topology and ready for the uv wrapping.

Super duper belated birthday request set for my awesome Brobro! @Gaoru

Continuing with the fun with this 3 :blobcatbreadpeek:

Eli (my little succubus) to keep teasing the situation is starting to join more to the fun, so while Jamie is giving a good Pounce to Lo Lee. The next one for sure Eli will show to the kitty how to ride a man.

More coming!!
Eli (Succubus girl) , Lo Lee (Kitty Idol) and Artwork Β© Me

Jamie Β© @Gaoru

Here is an illustration of "Disgaea 2's Hanako" that I drew at Skeb's request.

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