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Another of our big collabs with my brother @Gaoru โ™ฅ and favorite characters this time starring by our best kitties Pawsky And Kacy and their campaigners W.A.R.D. and Lemy with thematic of Halloween of the last year :blobheartcat: i love their story behind and that we built behind they.

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Some naughty Sharks walking like that in public. one of my massive pics done with @Gaoru with a lot of our characters around. so proud of this one. starred by my girl Shark/cat Rosa and @Gaoru ยดs Shark Azul.


one year old nsfw commissions of pixel art and one that i did of my Tiger Tenori with her brother Shky :blobtea: i always forget posting.

Karlita still trying to adapt to her new home with her big brother and learning english, is good that her best friend is teaching her english and a few new things, she is a good teacher right? right?

What could happen having Piper like a teacher while they are hanging out all the days with her.

Karlita and Julio Cruz @lpawz

Piper The Ghostkitty @Gaoru




New animal crossing lewds i being wanting to share!, On this occasion featuring the sexy cherry and Renaldo who finally after weeks looking in islands looking for her to give it a personal invite to his Island, of course she accepted. Like a big welcome they had a good evening on his house that is recently finished with the last upgrade :blobkissheart:

Art @lpawz

Renaldo Zaragoza belongs to @Gaoru

Animal Crossing/Cherry ยฉ Nintendo

Commission for Krezz/Krezzman on Inkbunny featuring their OC EDNA ๐ŸฆŠ

Commission, humans OCs.
Paulo found a cute kitty in needed that wanted a way to cover her naked body, Paulo choose a good sweater to cover her and that give a good open area for the wings.

Commission, Original character
A little sheep/dog girl embarrassed that is getting more and more chubby.

Commissin, Original character,
A little Kitty boy enjoying his PS5 naked on the living room.

Daddys little girl is catchin up to dads output, either that or the youthful lops just have that much more to give.



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