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Another of our big collabs with my brother @Gaoru โ™ฅ and favorite characters this time starring by our best kitties Pawsky And Kacy and their campaigners W.A.R.D. and Lemy with thematic of Halloween of the last year :blobheartcat: i love their story behind and that we built behind they.

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Some naughty Sharks walking like that in public. one of my massive pics done with @Gaoru with a lot of our characters around. so proud of this one. starred by my girl Shark/cat Rosa and @Gaoru ยดs Shark Azul.

I didn't notice I had this set to private, sorry about the repost

๐ŸŒด Animal Crossing : Lewd Horizons


(Sorry for the re-upload. Had to fix a spelling error)

I saw what happened to snout's timmy and tommy pictures on twitter and it made me so sad!! ;.;
They seem so nice and don't deserve that kind of nastiness.
You're a huge inspiration to me, snout! Please keep drawing when you have time! :blobheartcat: :blobheartcat: :blobheartcat:

Ogrest is an adorable character :blobheartcat: I really love Dofus and Wakfu; I need to draw more characters from that series


Finished this one up while doin some color study in the proccess, lets see how many of ya can tell who I studied :smuggest:

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