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Yes, I do enjoy a wide range of loli content, from characters that would be defined as "preteen" or "early teen" in terms of physicality, down to toddlercon and even babycon on the occasion. But anything that approaches reality is something I avoid.

I feel like this won't be too much of an issue for most people to accept here, but I really wanna make my stances clear to prevent confusion or major issues going forward.

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Just so there's not necessarily any confusion on this, anything I say on here regarding persons under legal consenting age is strictly based in fiction.

I'm not interested in real girls under the age of 18. This is why I use "loli" when referring to fictional girls, rather than "child", "kid" or "little girl". My interest in lolis stops at the fictional level.

I'm not trying to make enemies here, but please respect that these are my intentions.

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I kinda want an edit of every episode of My Hero Academia where Toru appears, but she's visible and butt-naked.

For those of you who have reposted my art to Nozomi. 

This is the finished version. Please delete the previous one and repost the new one. Be sure to do so.

Your sloppy reposting is interfering with my activities!

This was originally an Ochako doodle I did two days ago, but yesterday I heard about some Invisible girl appearance and edited it a bit.

If I'm not supposed to masturbate to lolis, then why does it feel so good?

Checkmate, antis.


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