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New commission of Willis and Izzy. This picture was @Anonanim inspired. Expression for Izzy eyes depending on your preference. Found that the 1st one was more popular with people I shared this over, additionally tan alt for Izzy which was an error but hey it's an alt, hope you all like it. Artist page

I vanished for a while sorry I had the big sad, Ill do comms soon *-
anyways here's a cute boy getting raped <3

(character by @Anonanim )

🐮Commissions Open!🐮
DM me here/Request if interested!
I'm pretty kink and ship-friendly and very open to odd stuff.

Because there are some prizes worth risking your life for

For those that only follow me on here, I do have a SashaRaz Discord Server! If you want in, feel free to DM me

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