@liccmyhead Your art is so lovely! Keep doin what you love. :blobheartcat:

@liccmyhead Yeeee!!! Omg that鈥檚 so CUTE!! Dude, comic quality is AMAZING! :O

Ohmygosh! This is so goddamn cute! My heart!鉂も潳鉂
Also, fantastic work on those colors! ^^

@liccmyhead Precious. Like @PervyOne23 said, the colouring is incredible, it's pure eye candy! Raz is eye candier, though. highlights are his adorable face when he sees the sunset at the end of page one, and that smile I would kill to protect at page three. I love the little smile wrinkles on his face, they're the tiny detail that makes the entire picture, really.

Another precious detail is the way he nearly knocks Sasha's glasses off with his kiss, I love it!

@liccmyhead There's so much to love here! The poses (adorable!), the colors (so pretty!), the expressions (cuuuute!), the story (so many warm fuzzy feelings!)... I like the implication that Sasha isn't usually this forward. Raz seems the type to initiate most things between them.

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