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💰🎨 Commission for Tekku


Massive-breasted shark having a momgasm, kickin' legs and shakin' tits ♥

Happy Shark Week!

Koda ("SharkMom") belongs to Tekku


Angelica's Mom??

This mom's got some big mams!

For the 4th of July, I took the opportunity to do a "bald" furry design which I usually don't do.

I had been thinking of designing a similar eagle-ish character named Angelica for a while, but other than her massive breasts, this gal doesn't look like where I was going with that (Angelica had long hair)... so this is probably Angelica's mom.

They call me Sonic
'cause I go faster than sound
My balls are swinging around
Blue hedgehog Sonic
At ludicrous speeds
I got a big peends

Strawberyl (Eevee & Carbuncle)
ストロベリル (イーブイとカーバンクル)

Tempest Shadow

Honey (Shiny Goodra)
ハニー (光るヌメルゴン)

Hello, I'm back.

St. Comet and Lily

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Drew some furry OCs during my drawpile last night. Thanks @Dorothy for suggesting the shrew and capybara! They're girlfriends~

Tourmalisu (Sylveon)
トルマリス (ニンフィア)

Aquameringue (Vaporeon)
アクアメレンゲ (シャワーズ)

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