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Drew some furry OCs during my drawpile last night. Thanks @Dorothy for suggesting the shrew and capybara! They're girlfriends~

Tourmalisu (Sylveon)
トルマリス (ニンフィア)

Aquameringue (Vaporeon)
アクアメレンゲ (シャワーズ)

Found the Derpibooru for the ribbon:

I had searched for ribbon, not bow, so I didn't get this until I did a web search.

Shit, I'm sorry, I forgot to credit the folks who did the other vectors!

(I drew Fibriel and did the sex face edits to the gals, of course.)

Apple Bloom:





Size chart between Fibriel and other size class characters

SFW version and... NSFW version :D

Fibriel Solaer

MLP version

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To my followers, comrades, and fellow Mastodon users, please be very careful when removing hate insignias from public spaces. Hate groups and Fascist organizations like Generation Identity put razor blades in their stickers, posters, etc that they spread so that when street cleaners, leftists, or good Samaritans try to remove these insignias or recruitment posters, they end up hurting themselves. Please take extra caution when removing and destroying these insignias. I love you all.

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Nude & Scorbunny


Happy Year of the Pig! I'm a little bit late.

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Jolteon / サンダース

She's got a horsecock alright; a big one, too ♥

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