@lFall wow... I'm amazed by your skills o.o this is just wordless

@lFall Very nice!
What an excellent wind it must have been to carry you to this result. :blobcoffee:

@lFall Your younger Venus proves that the greatest, sexiest beauty starts young. I love how her eyes have barely opened and she's trying to get her footing yet can't help but rise so sensually. No surprise that all the cute cherubs and pretty spirits are delighted by her rising beauty. Gorgeous work on her slender and very enticing young body, such great hair鈥 The little angels are pretty danged adorable too. (Boy with a nice butt on his knees for her鈥 Mmm鈥)

Thanks for sharing the joy.

@lFall God would o worship a loli goddess like her. 馃構

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