Lots of progress has been made! Currently working on her expressions, then I still have physics to take care of.


@CartoonPink did a commission for us of Debbie and Katie, and the results are outstanding! (resized for the web)

Sasami Stripper: Part 4

Part 4 of Sasami dancing at a strip club!

Hope the butt appeals?

Still asking for help to pay my bills after being sick for over two weeks, at either:

Paypal: paypal.me/donatetosassi

or Kofi: ko-fi.com/kyoshourz

Posters- 10k Baraag follower celebration. Thanks for all the support here and everywhere!

Cocky Marlene used like an onahole.

You can support me here:

Sasami Stripper: Part 3

Part 3 of Sasami starting to enjoy dancing at a strip club, naked for all the avid, naughty older men to see!

Hope you all like it!

to check out. Give them a follow if you like what you see!

@GreenFr00g (cub + shota)
@Jokro (thicc loli & shota)
@tsubikko (cunny)
@hornypuffy (Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi fanart)
@B___B (Mugman + other shota)
@qtkat (loli)
@Pun_Hob (hob-kun from DA)
@pansprodigy (loli + shota)

I am sick & haven't been able to work for days. I'm asking anyone who can to donate to my Kofi to help out!

Link is here: ko-fi.com/kyoshourz

Also Part Two of Sasami working at a strip club!

Enjoy and thanks!


Wasn't quite happy with how this turned out, so did a revamp. How's this one look?

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Sasami Stripper

Finished a new one...this is Sasami trying her hand working at a strip club to make expenses for the Masaki house!


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I believe style, quality, efficiency, consistency - all the good stuff - are only partially influenced directly by me when I draw. The rest is repetition and experience.
More practice means all of those qualities slowly approach my goal like a numerical average emerges from a growing sample size.

To the generous anon who allowed me to spend three commissions worth of time on refining my process - thank you!

Third pic, started as a redraw of the second pic then evolved.

"GUUUYS!! Timmy and coach already started without us!!"

"Wot? That skank! It was my turn today to go first!!"

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