Winner of this month's character poll, Miu from Ichigo Mashimaro!

Those who take part in the communion get access to the .clip file.

@kuroshiro2 Your supporters have fantastic taste, you did a wonderful job making everyone's dreams about her come true. That's a wonderfully sneaky way for her to reveal her naughty side (and naughty bits) to someone she likes. Wonderfully sexy work on her exposed bottom and long, sexy legs and the sweetness between; her blushing smile is priceless even by itself. Great BG and loving soft textures make her even harder to resist. Thanks.

@kuroshiro2 oooh! this is one of my favorite characters. <3 Very nice work. Definitely something I could picture Miu doing. Hehe

@kuroshiro2 strawbery marshmellows was a great anime, this loli however ! caused no ends of problems

@kuroshiro2 Oh my! Such a nice ass she has, sweet little pie! ❤️

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