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Drew Komekko's little butt and cunny being spread 😭 :blobmeltsoblove:
Also greatly improved the original version too :woah:

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i drew these at the beginning of the month… i dont think ill have the motivation to colour them any time soon so i figured id post them since june is almost over.

That was a pretty good nintendo direct, surprisingly owo


♡サイズフェチ giantess♡
Masturbation Girl's Mouth

Eng&CT ↓

Thankfully, I have recently gained followers from countries other than Japan, so we have published English translations of our past doujinshi. 



English translation files are included with previous works.

If the response is good, we will translate other Touhou doujinshis into English as well, so please buy them!

#h_haniwa #東方




This is a special image to commemorate another anniversary here!
11 years drawing online, it’s crazy!
Thank you for all the support during this time

The Full Nude version will be available in Mix Pack #5
It will be available in my Gumroad store once it’s ready!
Please consider supporting my works:

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