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development note 18 - I implemented accessibility feature (dyslexic-friendly font) ✨

Hatsune Miku 15th animation entered the Pixiv's ugoira (animation) daily rankings 😆✨

(I don't know what happened ( ̄ω ̄;) but thank you for the supports 🥹)

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for August 2022 is now available ✨ I made illustration for my 2023 themed calendar (Journey with a bunny friend 🐰) and many many sketches.


development note 17 - I wrote a small introduction to the characters ✨

art peek 1486 ✨ Mindless doodles (discovering my face style)

✨ Sparkly Kiki ✨ mascot of Krita (submission for Krita's Monthly Art Contest)

development note 16 - I tried to implement chapter selection! ✨

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