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I had this sketch from 2020, and somehow it became the sequel of this that I made two days ago:

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Suddenly Krita gradient tool stopped working and I couldn't figure out what happened. I tried to use the tool on a fresh file and it also didn't work. I was like ???? so I went to get the latest appimage version (I'm a bit behind the update) - still didn't work! Ok, last resort: I deleted the resourcecache.sqlite and let Krita recreate it again - it works!!?? I lost all of my favourites though... so I tried to put my old resourcecache.sqlite again, it also works??!! What just happened?? 😂

It is ! I attempted to make some mini comics some months ago, Pippa the Witchy and To: You! I don't have solid plans to continue them yet, hopefully one day! ✨
You can read them on:


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