I'm back and ready to start with the tastiest content XD HAHAH!

Enjoy ! and Thanks alot for the support! :D!


Thanks for the 500 followers!

Give special thanks to @kirisuto who now draws most of what you see in my gallery.

This piece was done by @niichan a while back.

I post everything (including guro/hard vore) on my pixiv: pixiv.net/en/users/18247640

NSFW loli 

I think I never posted this here before, it's a W.I.P star piece that I'll probably never finish the original doodle was made by a good friend and excellent artist 🥜 kun.

A character from a Mexican series, El Chavo del ocho.
I based myself on the old comics of the series mixing with a more modern cartoon style and adding a bigger and more sexy stocking.

Maria, Princess of spoder witches.

Part of my Spidercrest series. If you want to see the guro/hard vore content of it, send me a mypixiv request.


Art by @kirisuto



Now, I have Animal Crossing, sadly I'll won't draw often.

Kisses :3

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