@kinshi76 Heart: "Oh yeah? I like to see you moving around with that electric doodad sticking on your neck, Bi.ch!!"

@Anont @kinshi76
Oh yeah!? Well the Membrane Oxygenator can play black jack, and it's got hookers!

The device is named ECMO, which is a cardiopulmonary aid for critical patients. Generally, it is powered by electricity. Naturally, this drawing doesn't have the correct mechanical testament. If there is no electricity in the machine, the pump can be operated manually though. the device in the drawing is v-a ECMO that supplies oxygen on behalf of the heart.

@UnluckyGamer there seems to be a difference between v-v and v-a that the connection of the canula is different. In the case of v-a, it would be fitting to connect it to the thigh, but I thought it would be more visually interesting to connect it to the neck than to connect the hose to the thigh.
i thought most people don't think they really know what this device is, so they wouldn't feel much weird.

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