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uwu if you wanna support me and get stuff early plus access to some mini comics(this far it's the furry glory hole one),
consider checking out my FANBOX

Drawn pp count 7693
Drawn cunny count 4

QwQ oh no i'm cunnyphobe

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Well, this comm was a sweet one. I am very happy to present a special little project I commissioned from @ddm004 involving @WashedToasty's Miss Johnson(well, at least the teacher character associated with her lol), @kinkykong's Konni, and @squishydork's Drake! It sure has a lot in it, and I really thank them all for being so generous to allow these characters to have fun in this way!

I got a galaxy tab to draw on the go, it takes some getting used to but i really like it
Enjoy this cockgrab gabe and pein drawing

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i just published "Cuphoes fuck the devil [voiced]" on FANBOX
thanks to @deerbenny for providing his beautiful voice as the devil

i totally didn't see this dynamic in the movie, but all the yaoi ship art won me over

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Giftart for
bc they are cool and they drew Gabe and Pein which is lovely qwq.

i'm gonna take a break till next monday or so, im away doing family stuff, and i cant really draw at my dads house.
Also i'm super dooper depressed and crying all day , so that sucks.
I'll be back with the usual once im home

vore warning 

oh shit todd gets vore-fied by drago
which of course belongs to @the_svi

I just published "futa luz getting railed by an abomination" on pixivFANBOX!

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