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uwu if you wanna support me and get stuff early plus access to some mini comics(this far it's the furry glory hole one),
consider checking out my FANBOX

i tried beating melenia in eldenring :blobsadreach: i even put on the new minion movie for motivation but that second phase is just too darn hard and throbbing for me

[CW: vore]
i don't have the strength to put effort into anything right now, its so hot in my room
qwq i'm sorrry
i'll try to make sumn good tomorrow

QwQ its so hot in my room again, i wanna draw but its so exhausting to do anything

cult of the cutie
never played it but that boyo is adorable

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A little gift I got for @kinkykong featuring Gabe filling Pein up per usual. Beautiful sketch commissioned from Aeyerlock on pixiv! is where you can support them! Do be sure to share your love for both of these artists!

the more i look at the new splatoon idols the more i dislike them =3= they have the proportions of a gorilla and the outfit design is okay but the proportions make it look weird, the colour pallete is a lil much but it checks out ig
o3o the eyebrows scare me and the yellow one makes me uncomfy, same vibe as when a scary homeless man threatens ya, which has only happened to me once , but it think thats accurate

Nyoooo krillin‼️ that villain frieza fucked him silly and drained his balls😔 part two on my fanbox‼️

o3o god i fucking despise underage lurkers so much >:( i get that them kids get horny when they reach that phase in life; but i want you fucks GONE! i bet there is even lil lurkers here right now reading this. my art is my house, and you're ants in my walls , i wish i could dox everyone just to confirm they're not minors, and i mean i'm almost 20 and i'm not mature, so around 18 its a grey area , but when i see these fucking 14 year olds follow my twitter, it makes me wanna eat buckets of salt

Cw: guro snuff cbt-ish things

(no peins were hurt in the making of this, trust me)

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:sad_cat: Or horny art of characters I like. Most of them are underrated.

o3o i was inspired to draw something a liiiiiiiittle different today. he's shota trust me

:3 the boys feed each other
gabe liking the soup made pein so proud ! >w<

i you guys are alright with something more wholesome

I just published "lancer has a huge cock and its making everyone horny >:0" on pixivFANBOX!

bruh i forgot gabes wings in that last drawing :blobbroken:

:blobtea: be careful who you threaten

lazarus oc belongs to
@ LazarusFricker on twitter

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