@Butterchalk always love the stuff you make!! so much to learn from you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’–โœจ

@puketriton where to buy Baby fever as the itch io page seems to be down?

@pears this is super wholesome! hope you don't mind me using this as my wallpaper

@thebrushking your stuff continue to be absolutely adorable n precious >v<9

i have yet to draw more lewd and explicit porn than just suggestive nudity

@nate_river the # LinneaDay tag on Baraag (nsfw), some artists didn't get to participate and feel left out

oh noo I feel bad for all the artists that feel left out TvT ;; ;;

Finally got to drawing more loli stuff! was very fun to practice a new style (other versions in my website so it's not spammy)

i wanna change my style a bit so it's less cartoony when I doodle but I gotta keep remembering to have reference when I draw

im tired of school all i want to draw is cub and loli

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