Do people search content using ? Should I tag my content

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@kei I don't think a lot of people do
Most content is discovered through reblogs and posting at the right times

I do. I actually have tags set up using the fediverse app on Android. So I can have it set up to receive toots and media of:
Tags I want to see
Tags that have to be included
Tags I don't want to see.

So if I want to see but must have , and not include ; I can see that.

Not enough people use it but it's definitely something that more people should, plus it only takes a few extra seconds. :blobcat:

@kei Yes, I do as well. I tag all of my stuff bc ppl are more likely to click a linked tag than go and search for something on their own. It's helped a lot.

@kei probably. I always forget, but a lot of people looking for specific art will probably be searching specific tags.

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