@kei Pay it no mind. Haters gonna hate. Also there's some 3rd party chain-blocking tool that blocks a person and everyone they follow and are following them or something like that. It's fucking horrible. Just let those idiots sit in their retarded echo chamber lol

@Shana Mass blocks by one person is fine because it means they didn't block me themselves. But most of these blocks are by people who intentionally wanted to block me

@Shana Some of the people who blocked me were past mutuals. A lot are soft blocks.

@kei And even if - What's it matter? Would you rather be followed around by toxic shit like that? I'd rather they ignore my presence honestly.

@Shana I've had a person talk to me about what counts as toxic, even if they were a nice person. Unfortunately as much as I want to ignore it, I'm a people-person and kind of fragile. I'm not good at ignoring stuff if I know the person is well intentioned if the circumstances were different.

@kei Well, you do you I suppose... Can't really say I think that it's possible to be well intentioned and yet block someone. Straight up blocking someone (not muting, mind you. I don't like a lot of stuff on my feed either) is a sign of animosity imo. But I'm not here to change your mind, this is just my 2cents.

@Shana I can't fault some people for wanting to avoid me. If someone were to see that they followed me, they might attack that person. Even if that person stated that they don't hate me or the stuff I do. Someone said that this is still considered toxic behavior, but I really cannot blame someone not wanting to be attacked

@kei If that was indeed their goal and intent they could just, you know, not follow. No one would associate the two people if there is no visible connection.

@Shana Yes. Some of them just softblocked me.

Pupaphobic owns that list. The other blocks are probably individual

@kei @sumatsuki You should just build out your network here lol. That way people that are here KNOW what they're looking for.

@slimshod @sumatsuki I like meeting people and I believe the best in people when I first meet them. It's risky, but I'm a sort of people-person. I enjoy the company of anyone who is well intentioned

I kinda agree with slim tho. Twitter is probably not the best place to make friends. Ppl are toxic. They go there to be toxic while riding their moral highhorse

You do you. But he careful and u should probably have another name and persona on there

@sumatsuki @kei Yup, Twitter is a garbage fire so what can you expect from it? If you really care about your relations, Kei, then an alt persona would probably do you good.

This is my nsfw online persona so anyone that comes in contact with me ANYWHERE by this name knows what they are gonna get lol. They can take it or leave it, I'm here to enjoy what I enjoy, not what they enjoy. If we share interests that's a bonus imo.

If my twitter gets suspended again I'm not even remaking it unless I rly have too. Its nothing but ppl full of hatred. I mean u all saw what happened with me and lex just a few months ago.

@slimshod @sumatsuki just too much work to be honest, and kind of feels like I'm catfishing.

@kei @sumatsuki Honesty's gonna get you burned, Kei, in this case bc people can't control themselves and just don't care about being decent about their differences. You need to take steps to keep yourself safe, like Suma said bc there's no reason you should be subjected to that kind of nonsense. That's just my advice though, can't make ya do anything you don't want to.

@slimshod @sumatsuki I've met amazing people and want to take the chance of helping someone when they are not feeling the best. As is the same when people have helped me feel better when I was not feeling my best. I'll try my best to stay safe but I don't want to live in constant fear or being cynical.

Ahhh typical. A twitter moralfag with a blocklist
I wouldnt stress about it. I mean it is twitter. Ppl get mad over the most retarded shit

@kei @sumatsuki It seems like a really bizarre one because it is full of people who aren't furries and some with basically nonexistent following
Largely seems to have been made as a zoophile blocklist and then branched out into "whatever the fuck I don't like but i'm gonna present it as a community service"

Basically. I see a lot of โš” emojis on that blocklist so I can tell the owner is a disgusting tucute who is literally offended by everything. Again I wouldn't stress it. Its common twitter crowd

@sumatsuki @witchbloombud I do not care about these people and I can ignore this easily. What's disheartening are past mutuals that I practically used to talk to everyday.

@kei @sumatsuki That one tends to sting a bit since it is like, really? I didn't deserve a talking to or something at least?

That's just how rships work on twitter tho. U can't really fully trust anybody. Ppl will disown u at the slightest "drama" or different opinion.

Ppl are that slimy

@kei where can i find that setting? i want to know mine

@kei Take stock in those that still follow you and enjoy you/your work. They are the ones with meaning.

@slimshod I do try to put it away and appreciate the people who are still here. Although it feels like a handful of them would block me as well if they knew what was going on.

@kei If they have an issue with you and they don't try to work it out with you then that's on them. But at the same time you can't please everyone. There will always be people that disagree with you and not want to talk to you. Once you account for that and accept it as is, knowing you've done what you can to win them over, life gets a whole lot better.

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