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Someone teach me how to make watercolor/grainy texture

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current wip :^) I forgot how exhausting it is to color full pieces

This photo has been uploaded 10 hours ago and forgot to hit "Toot" so here it is

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Had lots of fun drawing on my monitor like those professional people

i always forget to mark media as sensitive yall thank the baraag team for marking them

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thought i might as well post it here. do note, these are taken in slots (status on my twitter)

commissions !
im a neet & cant possibly take a part time job bc of mental issues
β€’ eg
β€’ paypal or crypto only!
β€’ if theres anything you'd like not on the list, just ask
β€’ if interested DM/email me @

pls share! rts appreciated!( ; Ο‰ ; )

redrew something from my childhood when i was jealous i didnt have boobers + remade a sheep character

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