The three boys would find a john, drug him when they got back to his house and steal what they could. Little Josh always made sure he shoved his pre-pubescent dick up the john's ass.

I got some great advice from someone I follow. I've re-rendered and relit the surf shop image. It turned out much better and much more dramatic!

When Cas and his older brother were forced to share a bedroom again, Cas always walked around naked. He always assumed his older brother had a big dick too. When he saw his brother's little dick he showed him what a real man's dick looked like.


I made some changes to the "Surf Shot" image. But there is one attribute that I changed that gives physical clues to the size of a guys dick. It's only on one character.

The first person to figure it out gets an image made for them. They will decide if they want to share it.

(Remember, I don't do gore, scat, snuff or hard bdsm.)

HINT: It's a body part

While his mom shopped the staff kept Christian busy. He found out why they call it "Big Johnson's" Surf Shop.

I had to update this to give it more back story.

I've been working on lighting and backgrounds. Not everything I post has naked men (just most).

One of my followers reminded me that I'd posted this in Pixiv. The probem was that many of the images I created were lost. Here it is rerendered.

I would always grease up my little brother for my daddy when he put on his cam shows.

The High School Quarterback didn't mind having to share the locker room with the kids from 4th grade.

This is an illustration for one of my favorite series on Nifty. It's called "Oh Silly Me". In this chapter Marine Matt comes for a visit. It's at the end of the chapter, but read the whole story.

Derek couldn't believe his husband was in one of the biggest action movies of the year.
(Sometimes I just like to tell the story.)

The local pool has its regulars. (Not really my thing, but someone asked.)

If you are thinking of trying your hand at 3d image making, you might want to try Daz3d. Here is an example of a scene I set up but replaced one character to make it more pervy. It's more about practice and imagination.

Jeremy raised the most money for the cubscout fund raiser. (Thanks to Tagenhard for the idea.)

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