Amazing commission I got from @kamawa_nui πŸ™‡ Thank you

A enthusiastic imaginary Kyle (imaginationland trilogy), and real Kyle... Who has yet to warm up to it.

Goku and Krillin commission from @kamawa_nui

Goku was my gateway shota drug and tbh I'm still addicted...

Hello everyone!! Here's my recent commission from @kamawa_nui!!
They are Jinpei and Lime from the anime Yo-kai Academy Y. This time I wanted a good old 69, and nui made an amazing work!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Hello everyone!

I want to share the amazing commission that i got from @kamawa_nui

Merak from the game Azure Striker Gunvolt after getting filled πŸ˜‰

I love how it turned out! Thank you so much!!!

Commission by @kamawa_nui

Another one featuring @autumn_snow 's catboy

Last time we saw the first day of training, it's been a while since we saw Mata, but his training is coming along nicely! Today's lesson is how to swallow a cock that's thicker than your arm while taking another catboy's dick up your butt! A very specific lesson, I know, but catboys need to be prepared for any possibility! He might be struggling and choking a little, but his dick is hard, so that means it's okay!

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