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After thinking and consideration. I DECIDED to accept the Shotatober challenge. I won't be posting daily but once I get the drawings assembled based on prompts, I'll notify y'all. Sensei is ready! :P

A sleepy Alolan boy, for an art trade with @th3dm0n .
Hau do you like him?

A dreamy commission starring everyone's favorite malasada boy!
Seems like he was having a nice dream. 💭

render release.

Jen faps to my Mo-mo. my fem boy loves to see some wank action. (wallpaper - free to download for your pc).

Would you like to sleep with my kitsune fem boy?

(Wallpaper, free to download for my shota brethrens). n.n :catto_blush:

DP Sketch
feat. @dorkboydrake as himself, rather, Aikuro Mikisugi. Enjoy dood! Big PP RULES!

A pumped-up commission of 2 OCs, Seth and Caleb.
Anyone want some milk? 🥛

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